Device Shredding & Erasure Services

Secure & Compliant Data Destruction

Device Shredding & Erasure Services

In a day an age where technology changes like the seasons, organizations are faced with the daunting task of controlling proprietary data installed on computer hard drives, mobile phones and other devices.  Apex conforms to the NIST 800-88 REV.1 Guidelines for Media Sanitization and is an active member of the National Association of Information Destruction, NAID.

Apex’s data protection processes range from device destruction, to erasing the drive by overwriting all addressable locations with a character, its complement and a random character along with verification to ensure all data has been properly removed.  If you have devices deemed for destruction they will be immediately destroyed in the Apex shredder once arriving onsite.  Once completed, a certificate of erasure or destruction is generated that will include the hard drive model number, serial number and date for confirmation of the successful process.

Apex’s ITAD services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely managing IT assets throughout their life-cycle while complying with all environmental and data security laws and regulations.

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Securing, destroying and reporting client’s sensitive data are the greatest priorities at Apex.

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Since 2005, Apex’s objective is providing IT Asset Dispostion services that focus on Data Destruction, Technology Recycling and Asset Remarketing.

ITAD – Information Technology Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition with secure chain-of-custody to ensure compliance, security and sustainability for all of your assets.

Refurbish, Remarketing, Revenue Sharing

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, E-commerce Sales, Profit sharing with your organization.

Shredding Services

Mass Storage Devices  –  Hard Drives  –  Cell Phones  –  Data Tapes  –  Flash Drives – Documents

 *Certificate of Destruction provided for all destroyed media.